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Services and Fees...

One On One Counseling

1-on-1 Session

          (1 hr Session)

1 Session -$85

Double session -$125

For both Anger Management & Counseling Services

executive coaching with CAMC

   Executive         Coaching      

The C.A.M.C Executive Coaching Program is designed to put control and peace of mind into the hands of the Physician, Lawyers, and top level Executives. Coaching them on aspects such as self-management, leadership, and relationship management. Our clients will be able to better manage their stress and proactively create better working environments for the administration and staff.

Court Ordered Assessment

 Anger      Evaluation

    (Court ordered)



         $145 RUSHED 

**(If needed before 24hr or 48hrs)**

Assessments are given daily and must be scheduled by appointment.

Drug & Alcohol Evaluation



         $155 Rushed

Assessments are given daily and must be scheduled by appointment.

Virtual Online Sessions

Virtual Skype Online Sessions
Only for Out of State Individuals


Our new virtual Skype sessions allow you not to miss anything while you are away, or maybe you just didn't feel like leaving home. This service is to make things convenient for the client and also help them keep up to date with their personal growth needs.

Couples Conflict Mangement

Couples                   Conflict           Management
 (4 week course)  1.5hr session
0 (Best Value)
$125 per (1) session

This course is for couples that want to become better Communicators, Strengthening their Relationship and understand behaviors that will be healthy for their relationship. 

* Starts with Couples workshop

*Understanding Anger

 *Understanding Behavior

*Communication Skills

*Conflict Resolution and more...

Personal Growth & Anger Management 
(4 week course)
 (1 hr each session)



         (Best Value)

 Let us help you connect the dots between what your heart tells you and what your mind tells you. Sometimes you need a personal tune-up and redirecting to help you stay in touch with your Emotional and Cognitive thinking. We will cover many areas such as:

* What is Emotional Intelligence ( The C.A.M.C Way)

* Tapping Into Our Emotional Thinking.

* Running The Cognitive Brain Race

* Skill Builders/ Activities

* Role Playing

* and more...

Shoplifter's Diversion Program

(4 weeks/ 4 hr Course)

        1 hr sessions

All Participants will receive a letter of completion & Certificate of completion at the end of course


*This course must be paid in full

Retail theft commonly known as shoplifting refers to the theft of consumer goods from any retail establishment, by customers or employees. Retail theft is a business problem and a community problem, responding effectively to any community problem requires both prevention and response.

The four hour course will cover:

 - Theft/ Shoplifting

 - Impact on society

 - Why people steal

 - My behavior

-  and More....

Parenting Education Course

(8 weeks/ 8 hr Course)
         1 hr session

All Participants will receive a letter of completion & Certificate of completion at the end of course
*This course must be paid in full

The purpose of the parenting education course is to support the importance of parent & child relationship while strengthening families, by providing relevant, effective education, and support. This course will cover:

 - Parent Development

 - Parent/ Child Relationship

 - Early Child Development

 - Healthy Family Development

 - Culture & Community

F.V.I.P (Family Violence Intervention Program)

FVIP is a 24 week court mandate program designed for individuals that have been involved in family violence or domestic violence cases. 

Please call for enrollment information and class schedules...

Corporate         Employee Development Course
      (4 hr course)
*All Participants will receive a certificate of completion 

Development For:

  • HR Staff
  • Full time/ Part time employees

Group packages: 
up to 5 employees - $675
6-10 employees- $825
11-20 employees- $1125
21+ employees- *Call for details

C.A.M.C would like to help you achieve professional excellence in every aspect of your business. We believe business etiquette is very important to keep customers satisfied and can also be a way to re-gain repeat business. Let us help keep your company at the front of the curve, by supplying your employees with useful tools to help them cope with the pressure of the everyday work force.
 Course Focus:
  • Handling stress in the work place
  • Handling Personal and Consumer anger
  • Proper/Professional  Communication skills
  • Conflict Resolution
  • and more...

8 hr Accelerated Saturday Group Class (Court Ordered Only)
       10 am- 6 pm 
* All court documents will be given at the end of class

Individuals that would like to accelerate the process and complete the mandated court hours in a timely fashion. These groups are usually good for individuals that have been ordered to 8, 12, 16, 24, or 52 hours of anger management.

Teen -Talk -            Topics
    (Wednesday Evenings)
             (1.5 hr Group)

(Pizza,Snacks, and Refreshments are provided)

    $45 per Adolescent 

T.T.T is designed for teens (14yrs-17yrs old) to learn about emotional intelligence and the management of anger and stress that is caused by the  " Teen world". This Class also provides an outlet for teens to discuss open topics like worldly or local current events or just a healthy way for them to let off steam.