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Cobb Anger Management  FVIP

Domestic Violence Intervention
We're strong advocates against family violence
                         Georgia's Family Violence Intervention Program (Court-Ordered):

Family Violence Intervention Program is 24 week program that teaches members of the program accountability in their use of violence in the home and personal relationships.

The group allows for personal growth in multiple areas to strengthen the responsiveness in anger and other negative emotional reactions. These groups are not designed to get rid of anger but to teach its members how to respond in the face of a triggered situation. You will quickly learn how communicate to your loved ones correctly in the face of such moments. 

Classes are made to dig down deep and help its members understand their anger rather than get rid of it. By understanding, members will be able recognize triggers and develop methods to redirect that energy into something more useful like providing open, emotional communication to avoid lashing out in a rage.  

We discuss the difference between anger, hostility, aggression and violence, so that participants can appropriately define and express their experiences with anger. Also, the Family Violence Intervention Program classes curriculum is designed to address the effects of anger on the body, behavior, mind and how it can lead to violence. 

These Family Violence Intervention Program classes include various case studies and scenarios that address specific, anger-inducing situations in order to facilitate group dialogues related to appropriate and healthy responses. Additionally, clients will be challenged to objectively question their initial reactions and consequently reframe it to a healthier perspective to reduce emotional stress and regain self-control.

Goals Objectives:

At the end of this course, participants will be able:

* Recognize the role individuals responsibility in changing "Maladaptive" behavior.
* Develop a working understanding of one's own anger/stress patterns and responses.
* Identify "Situation anger" that consistently results in angry responses that can lead to violent behavior.
* Eliminate or minimize violent behavior. Learn how and when to use "time outs" to prevent violent confrontations. Incorporate new coping skills to handle anger, stress, and other feelings.
* Use Communication skills and listening techniques effectively and gain a better understanding of how children in one's family can be affected by parental communication techniques.
* Become more aware of one's own stress and anger signals and develop the capacity to sense the mood of persons with whom he or she must interact.

House Rules:

1. Participants must come on time to all classes

2. Fees must be paid PRIOR to each class and must be kept current.
3. No participant will be permitted to complete the class until all outstanding fees are PAID IN FULL.
4. NO PROFANITY will be permitted in the class.
5. The identity of all participants as well as any material discussed in the group will be kept confidential.
6.Participants who are disruptive in the group will be reported back to the court or referring source as uncooperative.
7. All groups members MUST participate in each class.
8. Any participants who appears to be under the influence of drugs or alcohol will be dismissed from the group and reported back to the court referring source.
9. NO Derogatory, Racial, or Ethnic comments will be accepted in the group.
10. All cell phones must be put on silence during class time.