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Executive Coaching

Executive Coaching For Lawyers

The C.A.M.C Executive Coaching Program is designed to meet the needs of high-level executives, physicians, lawyers, and those clients in Atlanta who prefer to be seen on an individual basis for specialized coaching and privacy. The program includes: EQ Assessments, C.A.M.C client executive coaching workbook, management log.

Our Programs start with an in-depth assessment of our client to gather information on background, strengths, weaknesses, and development goals. The staff at Cobb Anger Management Company is also a certified Emotional Intelligence Coaching and offers individual and 360 feedback assessments to determine social and emotional competencies. Based on the results we create a development plan with the client to give them a road map on how to “get there”. Our meetings take place via face to face, Skype, and over the phone.

Three, six, twelve month programs are available. Pricing will vary. Prices shown are for 12 sessions or 3 months.

Whats Executive Coaching?

Executive coaching will help to develop the leadership and management skills needed to successfully navigate careers in today’s competitive environment. For entrepreneurs, the coach can help them start or grow their business. The coaching relationship provides the executive or entrepreneur a place to go for objective business advice and management consulting.

You’ll Learn To:

  • Improve social and emotional intelligence
  • Identify strengths and competencies
  • Learn to hire and develop an effective team
  • Improve time and task management
  • Develop more effective leadership and management skills
  • Improve written and oral communication skills
  • Establish credibility by developing a polished professional persona

Who do we coach?

Our ideal client is transparent, ready to accept constructive feedback, willing to learn, motivated to grow and develop. Typical clients include Executives, Managers, Doctors, Lawyers, and Entrepreneurs.

Personal  Coaching for Physicians


Disruptive Physicians are becoming a dangerous epidemic in our country. Especially when these are the people responsible to take care of our families. When the morale of the staff is decreased, it affects EVERYONE surrounding them including our patients. There are countless reviews regarding poor patient care starting from the reception area to the doctors office. Here are a few from our local hospitals:

“I hate this hospital. The birth of my daughter there was a bad experience. They didn't listen to me and it ended up being unnecessarily grueling. Then I ended up in their ER a few years later where I screamed in pain for three hours as the nurse ignored me, admitting other patients who came after me and didn't seem that sick…”

“Poor morale among staff, MD had major communication challenges and totally ignored the problem that then lead to major problems due to the misdiagnosis.”

“Nursing care was appallingly terrible, some of the caregivers have poor attitudes, as though patients should not have needs.”

Patient care is decreasing as the medical staff is becoming less empathetic and service oriented. We believe that the cause behind this is lack in emotional intelligence and stress management. We all handle stress differently and when were not educated in managing ourselves and our emotions, negativity leaks and affects everyone in the environment. 

Physicians pass there stresses on to nurses, medical assistants, receptionists, etc.. This, in turn, is put on the patients who receive a lack in care, empathy, attention, service, and love. When we lose the soul of what it means to be hospitalized and cared for, this runs a HUGE risk for malpractice and lawsuits. When patients don't feel cared for, it makes them feel like they're just another dollar amount to the organization. When that connection is lost, patients feel used and abused which creates the motivation for lawsuits and bad press. When patient care decreases so does the respect for the organization.


Among professionals, Lawyers are the most affected by anger and resentment problems that lead to low job performance, big health risk(physical and mental), and ultimately, to feel unhappy at home.

Law practice requires focused attention to details that are dull and boring. In order to hold intense focus and maintain high energy levels with the absence of interest or excitement, the brain begins to rely on deep rooted habits of motivation such as anger or resentment to meet a goal.

For example: If you're looking at a boring document, your brain might look for something to get upset with to create cortisol (stress hormone), which provides the energy and focus necessary to accomplish the desired goal. The brain must find negativity(however subtle) for a fight or flight response that sparks feelings of fear of defeat, failure, humiliation, or winning to get its fix of adrenaline.

Use of anger as motivation puts your sense of self at stake for future harm. Once the brain adapts to this type of behavior, it will go to this method autonomously to solve all of its problems, even at home. Repeated over and over, the entire personality shifts to a defensive perspective.

Anger arousal always ends in a psychological crash often experienced as depression when the issues stimulating the anger go unsolved. Think about it. When you last got angry, you got depressed afterwards. The angrier you are, the more depressed you become. To escape depression, the brain will look for excuses to get angry. Anger then becomes an addictive cycle by providing instant satisfaction from the depression that eventually worsens.