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Couples Conflict Management, Cobb County, Georgia; Smyrna

At Cobb Anger Management Company, we are focused on providing counseling and anger management services with the highest levels of clients satisfaction & we will do everything we can to meet your expectations. With a variety of services  to choose from, we're sure you'll be happy working with us. Look around our website and if you have any comments or questions, please feel free to contact us. We hope to see you again. Check back later for new updates to our website. There's much more to come!

Couples Conflict Management, Cobb County, Georgia; Smyrna

Cobb Anger Management Company focuses on the behavior and the emotions in which anger and stress is caused. We believe if you could find ways of dealing with your emotions that causes anger and stress, you will be able to minimize or possibly eliminate anger outburst, allowing you to maintain healthier and more beneficial relationships with other individuals. 

Anger is an emotion that can easily be managed.Underneath are some textbook definitions for the topics that our company specializes in, Anger Management, Stress Management, Emotional Intelligence and Communication. Understanding these terms will help you gain clarity to understanding yourself and becoming more aware of your actions before they happen.

Anger Management:

Anger is a basic human emotion. It is used to express negative feelings such as rage, fear, discontent, unhappiness, depression, etc. Individuals often gain attention, control, and influence when they get angry, insuring that our expression of anger is a learned response; therefore we can unlearn those behaviors and recondition ourselves. C.A.M.C. will teach their clients how to identify and control their own anger so that it doesn't become a destructive force in their lives. We will devote lessons to improving communications so that participants may become better listeners and communicators learning to better manage their anger so that it doesn't lead to violent outburst or actions that are harmful to others. Anger is a secondary emotion and is usually caused by another feeling such as embarrassment, confusion, pressure etc. By ignoring these primary feelings and not addressing them can lead to aggression which is frequently the blueprint for violence.

Here are some common reasons for anger:

* Making excessively high demands

* Overstepping the bounds of one's authority

* Falsely being accused of wrongful doing

* Questioning a person's authority or intentions

* Invasive of personal space.

* Non-recognition of needs.

Stress Management:

Stress is a mismatch between the demands in our lives and the resources we have to deal with those demands. Stress is a normal part of everyday life, a certain amount of stress is actually good for you. It keeps you energized, motivated, and productive. On the other hand too much stress without relief can be harmful to both your Physical and Mental health.

Common symptoms of stress can cause:

• Upset Stomach

• Nervous Feelings

• Headaches

• Depression

• Constant Fatigue

• Tight Neck Muscles   

Regardless of the symptoms you experience, excessive stress can be hazardous to your health. Stress after a long period of time can potentially increase your chances of fatal conditions such as heart attacks, cancer, and a decline in the immune system, which makes your body more susceptible to infection and diseases.

Here are some steps to help you mange your stress:

1. Developing awareness that you are becoming stressed.

2. Identifying situations that result in feeling stressed.

3. Learning effective coping techniques.

4. Eating healthier foods.

Couples Conflict Management, Cobb County, Georgia; Smyrna

Emotional Intelligence

Emotional Intelligence is the ability to be emotionally conscience so you can have a healthy and effective  relationship with others.

Perceiving your Emotions:

 To understand your emotions you must be able to accurately perceive them, most of the time this could come as nonverbal signals like body language and facial expressions.

Understanding your emotions:

Emotions can carry many meanings, Usually when someone expresses angry it because of an hidden primary emotion. The Observer must find out the cause of the anger and what it might mean. For example, taking your angry out on a child after having a stressful day at work. The child could have interpreted as having done something wrong, not realizing the true cause of your anger.

Reasoning with your emotions:

Create solutions to help you manage your emotions, pay attention to the signs and triggers for your anger. Use coping techniques to help you think clearly in difficult situation and decrease the amount of anger outburst displayed.

Managing your emotions:

The most important part of emotional intelligence is learning how to manage your emotions. Reacting correctly in difficult situations can help defuse tense encounters with others.