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Anger Management at C.A.M.C

Cobb Anger Management Company is a Nationally Certified Anger Management and Counseling Company, located in Marietta, Georgia. We focus on Communication, Anger Management, Stress Management, Couples Conflict Management, and Emotional Intelligence. C.A.M.C. (Cobb Anger Management Company) helps their clients focus on Anger/Stress management with different techniques and coping strategies to become more productive in Stressful Situations. At the end of our course clients will understand the importance of Emotional Intelligence and will be able to engage better and consume healthier relationships in the work place, school, as well as in the home setting.

Nationally Certified Program for:

  • Court Ordered
  • School Ordered (students)
  • Probation
  • Corporate Businesses (Employees, Managers, HR)
  • Personal Gain
  • Family Intervention 
  • Couples Conflict Management

Cobb Anger Management are introducing new services:

*** Weekly Court Ordered Anger Management Class  (Available Now)

*** Life Coaching for Self Improvement and Finding Life's purpose (Available Now) 

C.A.M.C is happy to announce we will now be accepting Blue Cross Blue Shield Insurance. As we continue to grow we will  be offering more payment options to make it easier for our clients to receive our services.  Please check with your H.R. department for your policy details.

Counseling Services at C.A.M.C

At Cobb Anger Management Company ( C.A.M.C.) we offer several approaches, interventions, and preventative counseling services, primarily we focus on cognitive behavioral counseling, to tackle difficult thoughts and behaviors individuals face on an everyday basis. C.A.M.C believes we all have choices and can have the life we want if we brake from our supposedly comfortable "circle of misery".

Through our counseling services, clients are given further assistance exploring and processing feelings, thoughts and behaviors, along with creating a "Success Plan" to help keep them grounded as they achieve progress and strive to reach their ultimate goal.

Our Objective is to help individuals decrease negative thoughts and behaviors through various therapeutic modalities. By helping clients understand what they are going through and providing alternate coping strategies will assist in preventing relapse, and in some serious cases, harm to self as well as others.

                                           FVIP for Cobb county and all surrounding county

Cobb Anger Management Company, LLC
Family Violence Intervention Program

Cobb Anger Management has added the FVIP (Family Violence Intervention Program) to help our county and other surrounding counties residence with their FVIP court mandated requirements. FVIP is a minimum of 24 weeks curriculum conducted over a 27 week period; its a referral- based intervention program designed to offer healthy alternatives to abusive and violent patterns that may be presented in family relationships and to aid in the reduction and elimination of domestic violence in Georgia.

Our program is court approved and many of our clients require this program due to court orders, however we also welcome  voluntary participants seeking alternatives to violent relationships. We welcome people from all backgrounds and experiences to be a part of our groups. Group classes are ongoing, and you may enroll anytime.

(Court Ordered Only) 
 Accelerated Saturday 8hr Class
Weekly Group Classes

                                                          Upcoming Classes :                                                       

    June            16th, 2018

   July             21st, 2018

   August       18th, 2018


         Find out more about this course

We also offer a 8 hr Saturday class every third Saturday of the month for Court Ordered and Probation individuals ONLY. This course is for individuals that have been mandated to 8, 12, 16, 24... hours of anger management, Court documents will be provided at the end of class:

  • Letter of Completion
  • Progress Report
  • Attendance Record
  • Certificate of completion

To see availability for next Saturday class click Book Appointment , select 8 hr Saturday class and follow the simple directions to enroll.

                              *** Book Online and receive $10 off  Use coupon code (SATCLASS)  **Case sensative   


   Use Discount Code: "GROUP" receive $5 off

***Cobb Anger Management will now be offering weekly group classes. Classes will be held on MONDAYS and FRIDAYS mornings from 10 am- 12 pm (2)hr. This class will help individuals get their court ordered  anger management requirements completed in a timely fashion, it is also an alternative option to our Saturday Class ***

Additional Resources 

Corporate Employee development

Corporate Employee Development  *(E.A.P)

Equip your employees with the tools they need to take on the challenges that are brought on by the intense work force. Our trained professionals are geared up to help companies reduce Anger, Stress, Aggression, and help avoid/reduce corporate liability in the workplace. 

When choosing Cobb Anger Management Company  Cobb county's #1 choice for anger management coachingyour employees will receive a hands on structured workshop that will be beneficial for them in the workplace as well as in the home. We believe in creating a "culture of success" that can be used regardless of the environment and provides positive change in all aspects of life.

When constructively managed anger can be beneficial in the workplace, it can help increase productivity, create new ideas, even bring growth to the company. By building a "culture of success" all employees will be able to  have a "One Like Mind" allowing them to understand one another, and maintain a healthy work environment.

If you are a employer with employees who have extreme anger issues or working under high stress conditions, this course will be beneficial to your business.

* Employee Assistant Program

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***Taking A Stand On Bullying: NO "Bully" Yo

Cobb Anger Management Company  always looks forward to working closely with other local business, orginazations, schools, and communities. We believe it takes collaborative effort to keep our children, families, and communities safe.

If you are interested in guest speaking at an event, collaborating, or would like to volunteer your time or services please feel free to contact us.

We value all our partnerships and would like to hear from you!

Main Office:

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We cover all surrounding counties:

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For Emergency services please call Georgia's own crisis hotline for 24/7 support (800) 715- 4225